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From March to November, the people of Northwest Arkansas get to enjoy warm, inviting weather. The region's mountain breezes and beautiful landscapes constantly beckon residents outside.

mosquitoUnfortunately, every time you step out of your home, you could become a meal for insatiable mosquitoes. These unwelcome insects attack picnics and touch football games, and they often show up as uninvited guests at outdoor weddings and all kinds of other events.

Different people react differently to mosquito bites. In most cases, these bites leave annoying and itchy red welts on the skin. Some individuals, however, are afflicted by fevers, hives, or respiratory difficulties as a result. For those people, the presence of mosquitoes can be very dangerous.

Worse yet, over the years, mosquitoes have infected millions of people across the globe with frightening illnesses. In fact, as far as human health is concerned, they might be the most harmful creatures on Earth. They can carry malaria, Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE), St. Louis Encephalitis (SLE), yellow fever, dengue fever, and many other diseases. In recent months, these insects have been in the news frequently as they're now spreading the Zika virus throughout North and South America.

Even our furry friends aren't immune to the hazards of mosquitoes. When these bugs bite dogs, they can transmit West Nile virus, heartworms, and more. On top of that, mosquito bites sometimes lead to infections and serious allergic reactions in canines.

The good news is that you can get rid of mosquitoes with the help of Action Pest Solutions. Our experts will be able to locate all of the spots on your property where mosquitoes live and breed. In many instances, these places are really tucked away ― they might be under a porch or deep inside a shrub ― and it's extremely difficult for non-professionals to find them.

We'll use a variety of safe and efficient methods to eradicate the mosquitoes that we come across. Between April and September, our team members will return to your home about once every 60 days to repeat these procedures. That way, we can eliminate any new mosquitoes that may appear.

Be aware that we at Action always guarantee our work. Plus, we only use products and materials that are of the highest quality, including top-notch mist blowers and an insecticide that the World Health Organization has recommended.

Finally, for a free quote, you can contact Action Pest Solutions whenever you get the chance.

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